Interview with Don Bostick

SKATEBOADING: 1962 – At 12 years of age  we moved from San Diego, CA  to the San Francisco Naval Shipyard (which years later became the home of Thrasher Magazine and Independent Trucks). It was there on the Shipyard that I started skateboarding on steel wheels. There were lots of hills in the neighborhood and we had a crew that would basically see who could make down without falling. One day while trying to show off for a couple of girls, my friend was giving me a push  as I was riding  a homemade skateboard with steel wheels. He pushed me running as fast as he could. I ended up getting the woobs and we both fell. We flew through the air for a good while before I landed on my face, chipping my front tooth. To this day, I still have that chipped tooth. I can also remember setting up coke cans and doing slalom for the first time. That Christmas I got a Makaha Skateboard with clay wheels and loose ball bearings and my skating greatly improved.

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