Interview with Marty Radan

Marty Radan aka MTR, I started skating in the early 70’s and eventually met a group of neighborhood kids who shared the same passion. We were the South Side skate rats searching the East Side / North Side / West Side (any side), for terrain to rip. My local skate shop (and hangout), was Cal Central Skateboards. This wasn’t just any skate shop. It was owned by friends who I grew up with that were trying to make a go at business even before they were out of high school! Pretty exciting stuff at the time. The Cal Central Skate crew would eventually lead to the formation of the N-Men by ‘75.

I built my first ramp in ‘76 (affectionately named the “U” Tube). It was about 8’ tall and 5’ long with no flat bottom. The crew spent countless days riding it until it finally deteriorated. Over the last 40+ years, I have made many friends through my love of skateboarding. Skateboarding has helped to keep me in shape and young at heart. What started out as a small click of skaters in the 70’s, has turned into an everlasting family of friends!

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