Interview with Steve-O Brockway

1966 rode my uncles skateboard @5 years old 1974. Summer started skating
full time. Team Radical Vacaville Skated a bunch in Sacto with the N-Men
crew …. they didn’t know who I was!
1982 moved to Sacto  hanging out at Go Skate. Skated and met everyone in
1984 started working at Go Skate
1987 started skating for Skull Skates
1989 Went pro for Skull Skates at SanFransico street style in the fountains
1991 NSA   Amateur Director. Organized regional contests USA
1992 Helped build The Daily Grind Sacto
1995 World Cup Skateboarding. Head Judge X-Games
2004 took over the leadership role for N-Men
2005-2017  Judge for World Cup Skateboarding and Head cook and bottle washer
for N-Men

And a bunch of other stuff …. who cares N-4Life

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